Sunny Fall Spotting | Munich - November 10, 2018

You all won’t believe what I did today! Yes, very surprisingly I’ve been to Munich Airport once again, this time for an aircraft change and (on short notice) a brand new special livery supported by beautiful weather. Additionally, I managed to catch some more special liveries and a few “normal” planes at a completely new spot for me.

So let’s start this with a rather normal plane. If you look closer you’ll identify this bird as one of Lufthansa’s A320neos based at Frankfurt which gave us a short visit today.

Same livery but slightly bigger - This Airbus A340-600 arrived from Los Angeles. During summer this route is operated by an Airbus A380.

Let’s not change the airline yet but at least have a special livery now. After returning to Lufthansa from TFC Käufer, a flight school, D-AIQS was painted in a unique “albino” version of the Star Alliance livery. The 25 year old plane was actually planned to only operate for a very short period but due to the lack of equipment, Lufthansa is still using it 3 months after its return.

With the albino on the ground we quickly changed position to catch Norwegians Boeing 737 inbound from Spain wearing the portrait of Freddy Mercury on its tail.

Right after Queen’s singer Adria’s CRJ900 arrived wearing yet another Star Alliance livery. Adria is operating several A319s for Lufthansa to compensate the lack of new airplanes.

Another wetlease operator for Lufthansa is Helvetic. Several Fokker 100s are operating for Germany’s flag carrier from Munich at the moment. As you see, the equipment situation for Lufthansa is really critical in 2018, so even these modern and comfortable aircraft are in use for them. If you want to learn more about Helvetic’s comfortable aircraft ask @SunDown ;)

An operator that also used to be in trouble regarding its fleet is Eurowings. With the integration of the remains of airberlin a diverse fleet in various different colors emerged. From TUIs 737s that used to be flying for airberlin to airberlin Dash 8s and wetleased CSA planes from the Czech Republic basically every airworthy piece of metal was in the skies. The winter season with lower demand will be used to repaint the airberlin aircraft that are still flying in their old colors. This A320 operated by Eurowings Europe (recognizable by the Austrian registration) is already flying in the Eurowings colors and is wearing an additional Eurowings Holidays special livery.

Now let’s get to the planes you’ve been waiting for. While I was still sitting at home I got an alert that a special plane had just taken off for Munich. With the spot I wanted to spot it from being totally new to me and the airport being a 50 minutes drive away (normally) the lack of speed limits on the German Autobahn helped me. After driving like a maniac for 35 minutes I arrived right in time to find the spot and shoot this brand new livery as the next departure.
airBaltic added this livery to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Latvia. After the ferry flight from Tallin to Riga the first revenue in its red dress brought YL-CSL to Munich.

With the sun setting over Bavaria many spotters were waiting for the second special of the day. While the usual Royal Jordanian flight to and from Amman is operated with planes from the A320 family, the oneworld airline scheduled 4 flights to Munich via Frankfurt during November, December and January using a Boeing 787-8 Dream)liner. JY-BAB can be seen crossing the highway on the way to its gate in beautful light.

At the end of the day I spent with some other spotters around the airport we returned to the first spot at the motocross track below the short final of 08L. Before finally leaving for home a last Lufthansa A350 arrived in the setting sun.

I hope you liked the pics I managed to take over the last weekend. Find more of my pictures on twitter or check out my other spotting topics here on the IFC:

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TLDR for @dush19: 10 planes: 4 Lufthansa, 1 Adria, 1 Norwegian, 1 Royal Jordanian, 1 Eurowings and airBaltics Special livery landing at Munich airport.


Amazing shots! These definetly belong on jetphotos, have you tried uploading them there?


They are fresh from the SD card so not yet submitted, they’ll go there though as soon as I have free spots in the queue again 😉


Very nice! Here in DEN, we actually got an a330 instead of an a350 today from MUC!

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Sick! Can’t wait to see the edited versions.

Oh, sorry for that, probably should have said fresh out of photoshop 😂 just wanted to point out that I didn’t have the chance to submit them yet 👀🙈

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The airBaltic special livery is now available on Jetphotos 😍


Great photos @Moritz! No wonder so many are on JetPhotos and FR24! Also why are you up at midnight lol

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I‘m still up at 2 am, it’s a Saturday and I’m 20 and neither Airport Editing nor Spotting Pics ever stop to give you work 😉

@Moritz your photo is near identical to the top one for the day! Bummer they beat you too it…

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  1. Cool that Lufty has an A320 with a white star alliance tail, everyone else does black so that looks nice
  2. The A220-300 looks amazing! I have never seen that livery before.
    Awesome shots! 10* for all of them!

Wonderful shots!

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Amazing pictures! I like the descriptions of each picture.

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Never a dull photo! Love them! So clean and clear. Keep up the excellent work @Moritz!

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Yeah, I know 😂 I have no idea who the other photographer was but he must have been standing somewhere in the same group of about 15 spotters I was in 👀 But hey, the later upload makes my pic the most recent one so it’s the first you’ll see on flightradar at this moment ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Lufthansa usually only has black tails as well, only this plane got a white version for the short time it was planned to fly for them. Yesterday I learned that it will leave the fleet again rather soon again (as well as that Swiss will remove the special livery from its CS300 HB-JCA in December 😭)

I‘m not surprised you haven’t seen the special livery yet since yesterday was its first scheduled flight 😉


What camera do you use?

Ya, it’s a hot topic, almost all of it’s photos have appeared in screeners choice, or most popular, is it a new livery?

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@Moritz I found your AirBaltic A223 featured on JetPhotos home…


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I’m using the Canon EOS 80D :)

It was presented to the public on friday. After a ferry flight from Tallinn to Riga the first commercial flight was the one to Munich on Saturday.

Nice catch, also stepped across it when I visited Jetphotos to upload the pics, the queue went down rapidly over the weekend, some pictures were queued for less than five days and the queue is down to 7000 now, so expect the pics you see here on the site in a not too distant future ;)