Sunny day at Manchester 01/03/20

Here are some of my photos from my visit to Manchester (EGCC/MAN), what’s your favourite one?

G-EZBX A319-111 EZY1981/U21981 to Catania

D-AGWC A319-132 EWG1AT/EW9462 to Düsseldorf

F-GKXH A320-214 AFR23GY/AF1069 to Paris-Charles De Gaulle

D-AIUV A320-214 DLH5KW/LH939 to Frankfurt

G-EUPC A319-131 SHT3L/BA1399 to London Heathrow

G-UZLI A320-251N EZY139/U2139 to Belfast Aldergrove

EI-EKF 737-8AS RYR63TH/FR4006 from Alicante

EI-EFF 737-8AS RYR3226/FR3226 to Oslo

HZ-AR22 787-9 SVA124/SV124 to Jeddah


Nice shots!

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They’re all so incredible I can’t pick a favorite!

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These are really gorgeous. Great work!


Great photos just like last time, I can’t pick a favorite!

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Thank you, all :)


Really nice pictures, very well done! Hard to choose a favourite, but probably the LH one or that one here:

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Thank you, Julian, the LH one is also my favourite :)


That last one is 🔥!!!

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The landing gear turned Purple/Green with the editing on the last one lol

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Those are not the winglets I’m used to…

Amazing shots! Loving that easyJet A320neo!

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Yeah, that must be one of the newer RYR 73s, I think I remember them either renovating or buying new 73s with a new interior design, and winglets.

Correcting it for you:


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Hahahahaha! Good point lol

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