Sunny afternoon spotting session in Zurich

Today, I had a nice spotting session with @Nick_Wing and @Chris_Wing. We saw a lot of heavies as well as the new Aegan livery.

First picture: Here you can see the brand new Aegan Airlines A320Neo rolling down Runway 28. I like the new livery a lot more than the old one.

The second picture is a SWISS A330 roaring out of Zurich bound for JFK. Have you ever been so close to an aircraft, which is taking off?

Picture 3 is a Helvetic E190-2, the newest member in the Embraer family:

Picture 4 is an American Dreamliner wingflexing of the ground. American Airlines changed its aircraft recently from a B767-300 to a B787. What a good decision.

Picture 5 is an A320Neo slowing down on Runway 14 and leaving some smoke behind:

I hope you liked those pictures because there are loads more to come. :)


nice photos! love that American 787😍


thanks so much

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Wow, Im amazed! Great shots, glad you had a nice spotting session.

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thanks I got so many good pictures it was hard to choose

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Also, what camera do you use for these? I am trying to find a good spotting camera, and am wondering what camera to get.

I used a Nikon D750 with 70mm-300mm.

Okay thank you

Nice Shots!

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I think the Embraer E2 Family looks really nice - such big engines!

I agree! The new livery looks much nicer!


Thanks I totally agree

Thanks man

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Amazing! love that Swiss shooting right over our heads. Hope to see more.

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Great thanks. There are loads more to come. Stay tuned :)

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Fantastic pictures! It was nice meeting and hanging out with you today.


The second amazing Zurich spotting topic of the day here on the IFC. Fantastic airport and variety of airplanes, very well made pictures! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you very much for the feedback

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Do you want more pictures from takeoff or on the ground?

I don’t think that vueling is a neo

It is indeed a neo