SunJet's Spooky Global Flight [RESCHEDULED] @ KATL - 312000ZOCT17

Server: Training

Region: What is this region you speak of?

Airport: KATL

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: SunJet Virtutal Airlines first global event is going to happen on Wednesday the 18th! We would like for you to come and fly with us from Atlanta to Chicago in any SunJet aircraft! We would love pictures of all of these flyers together and will post the best on our website! Our event will be like no other, in the dead of night will a bunch of planes flying at 10,100 ft to give a scare to the people down below, cruising at 349 kts, it will look scare seeing planes going so low so fast, enjoy! Check out our website here V

Or maybe you want to check out our thread V

Please request a gate of your choosing (at KATL), we will limit this flight to 15 people

Life Is A Journey, Travel It Well
Happy Landings,
Rescheduled do to VA purposes

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This event has been rescheduled and renamed due to VA purposes, we will now hold a scary flight on halloween!

Might be a little late, but sign me up.

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ok, gate and aircraft?

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