SunJet Virtual Airlines Official Thread -- NEW LOGO!

Welcome on board SunJet Virtual Airlines, where we treat our pilots like family! We have a passenger fleet, cargo fleet, and an aerobatic team! Our VA has an immense fleet and is always looking for pilots. Currently our staff consists of @Boeing747-8 as our president, @Samuel_Szeto as our vice president, and our chairman, @Marshall_Hilfman, SunJet is also looking for a global routes manager, we hope to see some more staff to help us with our growing VA! We also have other staff members that help our pilots called trainers, check out our staff page on our website for more info about them! Join us and help us become one of the best Infinte Flight VA’s!
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SunJet Passengers

You will be blown away flying our passenger planes! The ranks are determined on how well you do in our training’s such as takeoff smoothness, landing V/S rate, how well you can fly the plane you are getting ranked up too, etc. If you like passenger jets, apply now!

SunJet Cargo

Don’t like flying passenger jets? Try our cargo planes, which has many aircraft that were purchased from other airlines, such as our 757-200F which was purchased from UPS, or our 747-8F which was bought from CargoLux. If you don’t want to fly used planes, try to go up the ranks to fly our brand new 777-200F aircraft, if you like the sound of that, apply now!

SunJet Aerobatics

Don’t like flying commercial aircraft? Try our aerobatic fighters, even though the weapons have been removed, you can still have fun at training’s and airshows, if you join our Slack, you can discuss with other pilots about formations or just what everyone is going to do so we don’t have an accident. When our airshows are about to happen, a 747-8F aircraft will fly in with our fighters and a certain passenger aircraft depending on how far the airshow is from our L.A. hub (example: if the airshow is in New York, we will send a 737-800 aircraft with our airshow crew and pilots. Want to have fun, apply to our aerobatic team!

Our Fleet

This is our fleet, i know its not the best, but I tried my best. ;)

So, if you want to check out our website, visit

If you want to apply, visit

Have A Great Day!
President Of SunJet VA


Very nice! Best of luck to you!


congrats on your VA from Spirit Airlines Virtual.
Good Luck :)


Thanks, the same to you! (Once global comes out and you start service)


Quick question. What do you guys use to communicate with each other?


We use Slack as are communication tool! 😀

Vice President of SunJet Airlines


i really dislike using slack…


Good luck from the team at Ansett Virtual!

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Everybody, if you have just applied and don’t have a IFC account. Please resubmit your application with your email!

VIce President Of SunJet Airlines

Im glad to announce that @Brian_OS is our new Chairman!

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Since @Brian_OS has been inactive on our slack page, we have now removed him from chairman and put @Marshall_Hilfman in his spot! @Brian_OS, please contact us via IFC PM or DM on slack

I am sad to say but do to reasons I cannot say SunJet VA is shutting down, but, a new VA will take its place, you’ll have to wait and see :)

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