SunExpress Playstation Livery For 737-800 (TC-SNN)

Hi guys! Today I want your votes for a really funny livery.
Before I start you can check SunExpress via this link : SunExpress - Wikipedia.

This aircraft is 11 years old and it has a special livery, Playstation! And now both of us love Playstation and this aircraft’s livery has a lot of Playstation Game Characters! If this livery comes to the game, we will get more fun when we play and guys, what do you think?

Wow that is a nice livery however I’m not sure if it will be added to Infinite Flight due to copyright reasons.

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Maybe but I want to try and I know Playstation gave money Sunexpress for this livery so I think It won’t be a problem.

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Hmm this livery I think might be for gamers, so I think it’s not appropriate for a plane to have that livery.

I am both a gamer and simulation user and sometimes people may want some special liveries liike that.