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So I took a look at schedule for this week and the for Sunday the team picked two continents Australia and south east Asia as well as South America. Now, not only is no major route going from any of these continents to the other; they are almost 20hr apart! I am perplexed South America is LITERALLY the least accessible continent from Australia and vice versa.


Is it required to fly between those two continents? :)
Both of them are quite large, which enables you to fly pretty long flights within them.


If you want to fly between Australia and South America, Qantas operated its 747-400 from Sydney to Santiago. You could also use the 787-9 because assuming the route resumes in real life, that’s what it’ll be on. Also, it’s around 13 hours of flight time.

LATAM also operated Santiago to Melbourne and Sydney routes with the 787-9.

Air New Zealand had flights from Auckland to Buenos Aires with the 777 and 787.


Lol you could very easily fly between the two continents within the specified time range the IFATC staff has provided for Sunday’s schedule. I myself will probably fly from Sydney AU or Brisbane AU to Santiago CH or Sao Paulo BZ. They’re about 11 to 13 hour flights and if you leave Australia in the morning or at night (depending on where you live) you can easily land in South America while ATC is in that region.

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