Sunday Night Returns @ KOSH - 271900ZMAR16

Server: All

Region: Oshkosh

Time: 0800Z

As a mark of the Hi Fly-Air France merge
We are allowing any flight in the regon


You must use the airport ICAO in the event title for it to format within the app

He did use it but changed back to Oshkosh…

You told me this would be at 1900Z. I can’t make it anymore.

it is at 1900Z it was a minor timing bug on the table

Please edit the post to say 1900 too, it says 0800 which might be confusing.

I’ll be inviting my whole VA.

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Server overload 😂

We only have 46 pilots… LOL!


Can we make this just ATC Playground because if we do that, we might have like 20 on Free Flight and 10 on ATC Playground and 1 on Advanced. Also, make sure to change the time in the post.
@B767fan do you want us to come in a generic aircraft?

I want all SKY pilots to turn up in our aircraft and the generic livery.


So which server have you agreed on

What server?

He said all servers.

I just brought Live 3 minutes ago, so I’ll be coming.


Anyone coming. It’s empty.

Coming, shall we go to the advanced server?

Let’s do Advanced. Aircraft? Route?

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Maybe the Cirrus SR22 GTS. KOSH to KUES. Good with you?

What about a prop race? Lol

On Freeflight.

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So, Free Flight Server or Advanced Server?