Sunday morning spotting

Good Afternooon!

Every few days I take a 20 minute drive to my local airport KLNS and enjoy the planes landing on Runway 31. There are limited spotting areas but there is a little parking lot right by the end of the runway. Usually on my way home I swing into the actual airport and look at the Ranp to look at the small Cesenas, Bonanzas, and pipers.

I drove in this morning and from a distance I thought I saw something I always wanted to. I told myself it was impossible but kept on driving. As I got closer, it looked like a large helicopter from thr angle I was at but it was behind some planes so I couldn’t see. When I got right up on it, sure enough, it was exactly what I thought! For the sake of giving you guys a chance to guess, I won’t say it is until later but let’s see who are the true plane spotters amongst us.

I also saw this awesome private jet be boarded but what I saw first I thought was way cooler! Have a great day guys.

P.S. I’m planning an event later on today to celebrate me getting a tablet specifically to play IF. It will be Saturday. Keep an eye out for it later and I would love it to see sll of you there!


Oh wow! The 337! My favorite Cessna!

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Yes sir! It really is a beauty

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Amazing pictures 😀

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Thank you! Wouldn’t ot be wn amazing job to be a professional plane spotter?

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