Sunday morning in Frankfurt! (Spotting)

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

What do normal people do on a Sunday morning? Yes, exactly… They get up at 7am to go plane spotting.

If you would like some additional information check out what is listed below:

  • Date and time:

Sunday, 16th of February 2020, UTC 8:34am - 11:04am

  • Runway usage:

Runway 25C/L: Arrival and Departure

Runway 25R: Arrival

Runway 18: Departure

  • Camera:

Canon 450D EOS

  • Lense:

Tamron 180-300mm

So without further ado, here are some of my shots:

Starting off with this Lufthansa A319-112 (REG: D-AIBD) on its way to Pamplona (PNA). Rotating from runway 18 it quickly made its way towards the rainy clouds.

This Croatia Dash 8 Q400 (REG: 9A-CQA) is operated three times a day on it´s journey from Frankfurt to Zagreb.

This CRJ-900LR posing in front of runway 25L before it´s departure.

After a swift position change to runway 25R, I caught this A320-271 NEO (REG: D-AINK) coming back home from Brussels.

After being soaked by the early morning rain I decided to head over to the main landing runway (25L) to get some different shots. I was greeted by this A380-841 (REG: D-AIMF) from Los Angeles.

The runway layout at Frankfurt give you the opportunity to see planes landing on two runways at a time (parallel approaches on runway 25L/R). This CRJ-1000 (REG: EC-MSL) caught my eye with a SAS A320 in the background.

And finally, what would a spotting topic be without a Cargo Queen? Well, here she is! (747-83Q REG: VQ-BFE)

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Schöne Bilder ! ✈️

Nice pics ! ✈️


I swear I didn’t see the gear on the Croatia DH8D and I was like wait-

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Didn’t you hear about the super fast gear retraction?

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