Sunday Funday!

IFAE’s large Sunday Funday event took place @ PANC! There, IFAE members flew Alaska 737s to Seattle.

Though I was following my schedule, I happened to spawn at the right time @ PANC to watch everyone depart! T1TAN in the Emery Worldwide DC-10 was performing a flight to Dayton carrying a urgent supply of medical equipment. However, it wasn’t that urgent to taxi to the back of the line to let the main event-takers go first! Sadly that flight didn’t last long due to server complications therefore marking the flight incomplete

Taken on the expert server time 11:12AMCST (Sim time 12:45PM PST) taken on the expert server and photo edited with Lightroom. (Complies with the new guidelines)


Love it. Andrew 🤩

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A great shot, amazing and beautiful!! Love it too!

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Wow, that’s awesome!!!

I LOVE when people fly to/from PANC and I love the Alaska 739.

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