Sunday Funday with the IFAE!

Hi all! Today there was an IFAE internal event, which I attended. It was my first time going to an IFAE event, and a lot of pilots showed up. We flew from Anchorage, Alaska, to Seattle, Washington. I flew on the Alaska Airlines 737-800. The flight was conducted on the expert server, and my flight time was 2 hours and 56 minutes. I had a blast and I am very optimistic to attend more great events created! Enjoy the photos!

Photo 1: Parked at gate B05 at Anchorage, with a lot of planes visible.

Photo 2: Goodbye, Anchorage! @Andrew_C_Sonkin is holding short in his DC-10, with @Doug_Hamilton behind him.

Photo 3: Banking north of Anchorage to fly South-Eastward towards the Alaskan Coast.

Photo 4: A great tail meets some great mountains.

Photo 5: Beginning our initial decent into Seattle, you can see the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Photo 6: Short final, but viewed from the home of Boeing, KBFI.

Photo 7: Landing, viewed from the North Satellite terminal at KSEA.

Photo 8: Lots of onlookers from the terminal watch me as I slow down on 16L.

Photo 9: Exiting the active runway with a company 737-900 exiting as well.

Photo 10: @Aviationflyer04 flies over in his F-22 over the terminal to see the amount of pilots who attended the event.

Thanks for viewing! Comment down below which one was your favorite :)


Nice shots! Seems like a nice event

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Nice shots all of them . Love the moonshot of course and the last shot over the airport!

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That sounds like an awesome flight! I thought KSEA seemed busy😉

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Dropped by in a TBM at a nearby airport to see what all the ruckus was, turns out it was y’all! Nice photos, and I hope y’all enjoyed the Alaskan scenery on they way down there!

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Thanks everyone for the messages. I had a blast yesterday!

That flyby was smooth👀

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Also, @Luke_Sta, what does IFAE stand for? aha

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It mean

Infinite Flight Aviation Experts

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Just checking. Infinite Flight Airport Editing was messing me up

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Airport editing is IFAET

Nice pics!

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