Why are flights between OTHH and OMDB not allowed on Sunday? I know they are not allowed IRL but I thought IF is supposed to be an open sim and it’s not like it’s not a legit route or anything?
Plus people not on IFC might violate that.

They are both HUBs on different days. Both of them are fairly close to each other so it would be a real hassle for ATC as there will be huge amounts of traffic.

Besides, it doesn’t hurt to explore some new airports


While this is true, they’re still subject to a report as a result.

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I assume there will be an in-game TFR as usual for those pilots.

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Oh that makes more sense.
Thought is was politically motivated or something

Nope. Infinite flight or more specifically Tyler does not account for anything political when creating the schedule


I guess avoiding 50 A380s near 0600Z is still a good idea.

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