Sunday Airlines | Boeing 757-21B

Hello everyone!

I’m sure you’re quite bored with all these new livery requests for the 757, but I’d like to turn your eyes to just one more…

Sunday Airlines!

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But why???

Well, a few reasons. Sunday Airlines is probably one you haven’t heard of before, it has a fun livery that would stand out in any situation and covers a small part of the world that has been a little forgotten within this Community.

With the addition of the Sunday Airlines Boeing 757-200 varient, it would open up new possibilities of flights throughout the country of Kazakhstan and its neighbours, as well as the countless amount of charter flights that the airlines operates.

Who is Sunday Airlines, and where do they fly?

Sunday Airlines is a leisure-based airline which is based out of Kazakhstan’s Shymkent (Almaty) International Airport. The airline is a subsidiary of SCAT airlines, having a total of 5 aircraft, 4 of which being 757’s. The leisure-based airline operates flights on behalf of tour companies, operating to destinations such as:

  • Mongolia
  • China
  • Georgia
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Japan
  • Egypt
  • and many more…

If you’d like any more information on Sunday Airlines, feel free to follow the link below!

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Yes id be down for it


wow…the livery is amazing!
unfortunately i do not have a free vote…but think of this comment as a vote :)

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I do not have a vote, but ngl, the airline name is “cute”


Nice, let’s see what happens!

I know right! Commenting is great, thanks for that!

For sure! The livery’s vibrancy is what stands out to me.

Would love to have Sunday Airlines i IF😄👌🤗🇰🇿

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So would I! Variety and an amazing livery.

Hello, where i can vote for you?😁

That looks nice

If you’d like to vote for the livery, you’ll see a blue “Vote” button up the top of the thread.

Sure does! Diversity is a wonderful thing.

Whilst the pictured livery isn’t in Infinite Flight, the airline has been added in the form of the older livery…

I suppose this thread can be closed as the airline has been added to the Sim. 😀