Sunday Airlines Boeing 757-200

Sunday Airlines

Sunday airlines is a charter airline in Kazakhstan and subsidiary of Scat airlines, and its main base in Almaty.
In my opinion this is one of the best liveries for Boeing 757.

What do you think about this livery?

  • It’s cool livery
  • It’s bad livery

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this airline is only used on sunday


You can only create one feature per day.


now this is much better than the dude begging for an astana livery 😭

“More than 2 or 3” I added only 2

Thank you for information!

Think you’ll find it’s the same person 😅

Also, he is not begging, he is making a feature request, which is well in his rights to do! :)

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Kazakhstan to Egypt? Yes please!

I lack votes, but you have my support :^)

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thanks boss

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Wow! That livery is beautiful! I hope this gets added!

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