Sunday afternoon Planespotting @ WAHH

Good day everyone, and good afternoon from Indonesia :)
Today, I myself go to the Aerospace Museum located very close east of my local airport, I am here always not visiting the museum, but just want to spotting, it is very close to runway 09 and also the landing lights are close. Here’s some clicks with my camera actually i don’t have any digital camera LoL

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-8U3 Registration PK-GMR flight no. GA/GIA 220 routine flight and almost everyhour connecting Jakarta - Yogyakarta route.

“The Largest 737-900ER operator” Lion Air 737-90GP(ER) with Registration PK-LFS is a few feet before touching the runway. Might not the largest anymore :)

Red cap 348 or Also known as AirAsia Malaysia A320-216 with registration 9M-AQZ directly connecting Kuala Lumpur to Yogyakarta only for 2 hours It doesn’t indcluded with delay or a holding pattern before landing here

" Singapore bound! " SilkAir usually operating a 737-800 on this Singapore - Yogyakarta route, but today and what i get is their A319 registration Niner Victor - Sierra Bravo Delta

And yeah, i decide to move my planespotting location to the east of Terminal A Domestic, and got
737-9LF(ER) Sriwijaya Air “Keinginan” for the nose name. Nose name correction are welcome :)

The local sense” Batik Air A320-200 with registration PK-LAJ approaching runway 09 …

“Indonesian (explore jet) pencil” Garuda Indonesia Bombardier CRJ-1000 vacating runway 27 departing to the east, will crossing java sea for Makassar.

Departure to Makassar as well as closing this planespotting day, and hope you like it :). Now is not often anymore that every Sunday afternoon i go to Airport for planespotting
(isn’t to airport, actually. I mean local aerospace museum for spotting)

Which photo do you like ?

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Awesome and stunning photos as always with Mount Merapi on background! Couldn’t imagine how awesome it would be once the new scenery comes!

Keep up the great work!


Totally, can’t wait for those hundreds of island pics and stuff from indo.

Great shots bro 😍, really like the third one 👌


Some nice pics man! I hope South America and Southeast Asia will no longer be SVA in the future!

Apparently the reason why these region are not being updated is due to pollution, smog and clouds blocking the view


if you have ever visited Central Jakarta and looked up, you might be right if you misted and reduced visibility.

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Good stuff ma bro continue nice spott in Indonesia center !

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Wow! Haven’t been to Indonesia in a while. You just gave me some fun flying ideas!

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Thank you 😊 . Have fun and Enjoy some island hopping there

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