Sundair Flight/ Fly with me!

Hello everybody.
I would like to have a flight from Kassel Calden (EDVK) to Hurgada (HEGN). But it’s no fun on my own. Now you are asked, I am looking for 10 people to fly with me to Hurgada!

Plane:A320 or A319 Unmarked

Event begin: 13 October 2018
At 900 Zulu /11 o’clock local time (Central European Time)

If interested, please PM me. I also have a discord server for a realistic ATC! There will be Clear, Ground and Tower! Here is the invitation link: Discord

Please print the picture for the ground atc:

I hope for some interested. Happy landings

  • I can not create events because of that!

Hello, this seems like and event and to be able to create one and put it into #live:events you have to be TL2. You also have to follow the correct event title and format. I will link all the info down below:


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