SunCountry Starting Flights to KSNA

Right after I posted that I realized that Spirit didn’t fly that route.😂

But that means more flights and more competition for the big airlines!

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Yeah SC is way cheaper than DAL rn. And I’m not paying $500+ for economy to MSP depending on the time of year 😂

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Looks like Sun Country canceled DFW-SNA 👀

No longer available for booking

BRUH. It was so cheap tho. Lol
Kinda makes sense though because it’s not really a major airport for them.

Sun Country flys into my local airport. One of the only 737’s ever fly in. Cool to see them expanding.

You sure it’s SunCountry and not Prime? Lol

With KSNA being my home airport, and spotting there all the time, SunCountry would be welcome. Thing is most people flying on ULCCs to Southern California are tourists, and most of the California tourism is in Los Angeles or in North Orange County, so I’m wondering how the local transportation economy will fair, considering how unreliable the local rail service is and the notorious CA traffic. LAX already has more convenient rail, bus and rideshare options, and is more centralized, so sparing the headache of LAX might be better in the long run for some people.

Debatable but okay.

Never said they were any good, there are just a lot more options.

That might be the case, but people in OC don’t like having to go to LAX lol
It’s just the rivalry of LAC v. OC
My family for one much rather fly in and out of SNA over LAX, even if it means having to take a connecting flight. Most of the time people fly to SNA for staying in the area, so if people choose to fly here instead of LAX it would be because they are already staying in or near Orange County

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