SunCountry Starting Flights to KSNA

From Minneapolis?

Yep, along with MSP to BDL, FAI, FCA, JAC, IAH, and RDU. All are new destinations for Sun Country.

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Yes that be correct

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Mmm yes more diversity to cut into Delta’s monopoly on pricing and basically having the Metropolitan Airports Comission as their hostage.

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This seems to be a trend all around the world. We see more and more leisure routes, often operated by LCCs and with leisure travel projected to be the earliest to recover of the traffic types this isn’t exactly surprising. Great news to see route announcements in this rather daunting and still pessimistic times. Thanks for breaking the news!

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Sun Country stopped by in a wingletless 737-700 to perform some tests today. Service starts May 6th!

Credit: SNA airport on Instagram


Yep caught it on FR24 today. Wasn’t expecting so see it lol
Also didn’t see where it flew in from or where it departs to


It flew in and departed to KMSP

Oh ok cool

Probably an aircraft familiarization flight

Yeah it was
Idk why they don’t use the -800 since that’s what they’ll be flying 😂

I like their livery, both old and new. Hopefully we can see it in IF one day.

I know I’m surprise it hasn’t been added yet. Maybe in the next update with all the new liveries 🤷‍♂️

It has been announced that SunCountry will be operating out of Terminal A

A little bit of a surprise since the new carriers have been operating out of Terminal C, but there is only so much room I guess. Though terminal B only has United and Alaska operating so idk why they didn't choose that.

Sorry to go off topic but what operates out of terminal A at SNA?

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American and Delta currently.
WestJet is suspended but expected to resume soon which is at A.
Also Air Canada is most likely going to operate there when they start service.

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SNA seems to be filling up then, which is good!

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Yeah we used to have a lot of routes and airlines and it seems to be getting back! We just need a new route to the Midwest since we no longer have OKC, MCI, or STL

A Florida route wouldn’t be bad either. Not sure why they chose DFW though. 😂
MSP yes. DFW not so sure why lol

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Maybe to complete with American?

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Well only AA operates DFW from SNA currently
But yeah I’m not complaining. Especially MSP because DAL has a monopoly so they charge over $350 for a Round trip Economy ticket SNA-MSP 😒

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