Sunan Int'l Airport in North Korea

This is the Runway…

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In remodeling…?

Those are Trucks and cars using a rwy to park

They don’t have the parking lot for that? maybe they are revamping one of the runways. I don’t think not all of those are trucks, some of them may are construction supplies.

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The runway is under construction.


Pyongyang Sunan uses the other runway at the moment.

Zaid, the runway is being redone.

This is the airport, and yes planes park on the taxiway


Very interesting airport design, I mean the taxiway to the other runway…it also crosses above a river

Oh yes!

Final for runway 01 would be fun, over the so-called terminals.


The northern runway has ils on both sides.
The new terminal seems very good.

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(Not my picture)
Very nice and posh indeed @GordenW

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It’s not a common place to go. There are like 3 flights a day max. Most countries strongly discourage traveling there. This isn’t meant to be insensitive, it’s just a fact. I wouldn’t trust the quality of that airport, not to mention the aircraft.

The new terminal is a nice façade at best.

If you search on Google for a flight to North Korea, it says something like “We cannot show flights to/from North Korea due to US govt. restrictions.”

Pilot to ATC - Banter air 360 is on final runway 25R

ATC - Sorry the runway is still under construction

Pilot - Bruh

New terminal is best terminal.


3 flights a day, more like 3 flights a month, max lol

Every day except Tuesday and Sunday has at least 3 services to and from.

If I’m not wrong, The only International Flight from and to Pyongyang is Beijing flights

Shenyang and Vladivostok too.

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More like ilsung! Lol sorry to be off topic 😂

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