Sun rise at PHX!

Monson activity was active this morning and made for interesting photography. The lighting and timing was not completely in my favor as some of pictures could of come out completely different had the sun not been behind heavy clouds.

Let me know what you guys think…

First up is the most recently repainted SWA California One on this 737-800. Looks so much better on the -800.

Next is this Delta doing Delta things showing off it’s Beacon.

Followed by this DHL. Horrible lighting.

Nicely light but brief appearance of the sun light up this Alaska 737-9.

We Phoenicians love the SWA Liveries, Phoenix welcomes Missouri One and were all rewarded with a smoking hot landing!

Departing SWA into the glowing orange sunrise!

No eyeballs were lost in the making of this photo.

May or not be a plane in here but we’ll enjoy it anyway!


yeah i was woken up at 6:15a to lighting and thunder over my house

not very happy about it

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The United Nations would like to speak to you about solving the ongoing world hunger crisis. You clearly have an abundance of grain.

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We’re currently in negotiations, possibly a fair trade for editing lessons and patience for increased effort. 😂

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Dude you’ve been making the same joke for 3 years now…

Great shots :)

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Yes, I’m aware. It’s called I can’t make new jokes.

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