Sun reflection

I searched for this and couldn’t find it so can someone tell me if its guaranteed/rumored or not that the sun light will reflect on clouds? If there is already a topic please send the link and close this thanks

Are you talking about when we get Project MetaL?

Well whenever clouds is released so yes i guess for project metal

It may vary. We really have no idea what is going to come in Project Metal and cloud reflection. It’s best to wait it out, and check 'em out. We might, you never know.

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I don’t think it’s confirmed nor denied officially by the IF Developers. Stay tuned for more info!

Well as of right now there is no confirmation on that. You can find the project metal blog linked below.

Currently we have this as a WIP.

  • Dynamic lighting: the ability to have aircraft lights (airport lights, and more) illuminate the environment dynamically
  • Improved aircraft shading that takes into account light coming from the environment around it
  • Realtime shadows
  • Volumetric effects like dense 3d clouds and better fog
  • Texture streaming improvements to allow more visible aircraft in multiplayer

Have they hinted it at all tho?

Not as far as I’m aware.

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Thats what i just read to see if it was there but thanks anyways!

No problem.

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By the way. That blog post is where all the info on Project Metal is being put. If it’s not there that could be because of 2 things.

  1. Devs don’t want the public to know.
  2. Not a WIP currently.
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No one is too sure what is being worked on (apart from the folks working on it)
Until its publicly posted lets not speculate, or we could end up disappointing someone as they thought a certain feature was coming, but it was just something someone said once.