SUN n’ FUN @Lakeland Linder International Airport April 2-7 2019 (SUN n’ FUN @ KLAL - 02/070900ZAPR19)

Server: Training/Expert

Airport: * Lakeland Linder International Airport (KLAL) .*

Dates: April 2-7, 2019

NOTAM: ONLY GA AICRAFT (allowed) Fighter plots needed for air-show

Sun n’ Fun is a airshow in real life and we are going to recreate it on IF!
Please enjoy. This should be a fun event and I hope you think so to! We need as many people as possible for this event so please share share share!!

Questions PM me thx!

Also I need Staff for this event please PM me for the job.

Director- @American_1549
Assistant- @Balloonchaser

Safe flying,

Hey, could we maby see more, like a description of the event? Not just a show up here at this time?


See this for more info on how to create an event


Hey there, please follow the event category requirements :)


Do some in depth planning and make a good event


These examples are some of the best events I’ve seen, take a look to get some inspiration…

Also check out the catagory requirements here:


One more thing please fix your title
Should look like this Blue Angels @ KSFO - 030900ZAUG18

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In the Title it should be the ICAO code of the Airport not the Full name and how the Date is also please fix.

should look like this

SUN n’ FUN @ KLAL - 2-71200ZAPR19


Done bud this is my first time be easy

Bud it is the date of the event ok

no problem, just some friendly advice is if you want to do something just check up on rules and regs for different catagories and this means you are on the right tracks. if you need any help feel free to ask me any time.

Have a good one. we are one big family here and want to help you out

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here was a Airshow title recently. notice how it shows the title, then the Airport, then the 2 days it was held and the start time on each day, then the month and the year. make sure yours is like this also

Wings over Tucson Airshow @ KDMA - 23/241700ZMAR19