Sun & Moon Time Effects

In conjunction with the global flight rumors as Matt is flying all around the globe, I think time effect will be another thing to be consider. You see when you were departed from WMKK around 2355PM (+0800) last night, the estimated time you arrived if you are inbound EGLL is around morning around 0530AM (BST) and the sun is a bit rising already at that moment you could see it from the horizon.

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No its not. I was just translated it to the words that easier to be understand. LOL.

That topic says basically what you said, so it’s a duplicate. The mods will decide…

Okay it is a duplicate haha LOL. No worry the moderator gonna delete it btw. Sorry guys! My bad…


If you ever want to request something, first thing to do is to look it up on the forums, if you don’t find anything, then you should make the topic

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It’s alright, everyone forgets sometimes;) @mrkehm