Sun Express [Special livery ] Istanbul


I noticed that there are no paint jobs of this kind in the game. It is also a color that does not exist. I think it would be an addition to the B737 fleet. In addition to the normal Sun Express livery, this looks really exciting.

I think that there is also a change in the game that this is a holiday plane and is therefore suitable for flying all over Europe.

I hope for your vote.
Thank you

It is not my image

You can find out more about Sun Express here

Sadly I got no votes left

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I would be happy if anything would ever come from SunExpress.
I myself have written an article about SunExpress A320 and hope that something will come from SunExpress at some point 💙

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That’s a beautiful livery! I’ll free up a vote!

@BritishAirways001 please keep in mind that voting for your own request is not a requirement but simply a recommendation.


I think it is unnecessary to always mention that. I have a link where you can read it. I don’t think that’s the right place for this. I will send it to you via PM. thank you


Anyway, @MK7 that’s a pretty darn interesting livery, good find!


which special livery is it.

only asking as I know they have a few aircraft in special liveries

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I have added to it 👍. thank you

@German_Pilot sad noises