Sun Express Airbus A320-200

Hello dear forum,

Today I ask for this Sun Express livery for the Airbus A320

Infos about this model:

-SunExpress currently has 11 Airbus A320s in its fleet that they have leased from Avion Express.

(Avion is a company specializing in aircraft leasing.)

-SunExpress is working with Avion Express not to restrict flight operations due to the B737 MAX Thing!

Personally, I find this paint job very nice for this model too, and hope that it will finally be added. (There is also demand for the 737-800)

Nice livery (especially the tail) but very plain, however, I don’t see myself clearing a vote for this.


Looks pretty nice and would be cool in IF. Make sure to vote on your own feature request!


Yes, she looks very beautiful.

I came home from vacation with an A320 from SunExpress this morning! Antalya - Cologne Bonn
that’s why I feel very attracted to her :)


I really like this livery! I have an extra vote right now so I voted for it!


Thank you very much mate! 💪

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does anyone find this paint as beautiful as me?
then I would be very happy if you had a vote left :)

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I sure gave you a vote looks gorgous! <3

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Thank you very much! <3

Very interesting
but it’s in the wrong category
You should put it in FEATURES.
If you want this livery should be added
Or if you just want to talk about this airliner put it in REAL AVIATION.
And Idk that this airliner exists !
Interesting 😉

I don’t know if you’re confusing the amount, but this post is in the right category 😃
I very much hope that this color will find its way into the simulator…

Thanks for your comment and your attention for this paint job. :)

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