Sun Country Virtual #TheHometownAirline #Hometownflying

Welcome to the official thread of Sun Country Virtual! We are glad to serve you! Here is some helpful info if you are planning on joining:

32b4e98789ebf16b8c243baa0202b22d7fff70d8 We are IFVARB approved

Our Fleet

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Our fleet consists of the following:

*** 737-700 (Generic livery) (Aircraft open to all pilots)**

*** 737-800 (Generic livery) (Aircraft open to First Officers and Captains only)**

*** Any future Sun Country liveries added to Infinite Flight in the future will automatically be added to our fleet**


For our complete list of routes, click here:

Our Staff

@Delta_Alpha_Lima - CEO & Founder of Sun Country Virtual
@Rowdy_Kepler - COO
@Samuel_Szeto - HR manager/ Booking Department
@Connor_Seymour - Booking Department
@Christian_Richardson - Chief Pilot
@Daniel14 - Events Manager

Our Pilots

We currently have none. Applications are welcome 24/7!

Our Website

Link to our website:

Open Staff Positions

We take pride in our staff members! Here are the staff positions that are currently open:

  • Head of Public Relations

  • Social Media Manager

  • Booking Department (open for 2 people)

  • Head of Internal Affairs

Our Goal and Mission

Our goal and mission at Sun Country Virtual is to provide the best possible experience for you whether you are a staff member, pilot, or just a customer looking for a fun experience. We care about what our customers think. We want to find solutions for every height of every situation. We want to grow to be a big VA that truly cares for its customers and employees. On behalf of the entire crew at Sun Country Virtual, welcome to "The Hometown Airline!"

Booking Department

Before we launch, we need more staff members in the booking department and more pilots. Apply today!

Ways to Contact Us



PM either me, @Delta_Alpha_Lima or @Rowdy_Kepler!

Yup its official! We are on Discord now!

Are you ready for Global? We sure are. If you are, you are more than welcome to apply for a pilot position or a staff position!
Welcome to “The Hometown Airline!”


How come you use Discord and not Slack?

I recommend Discord because it’s Unlimited Unlike Slack where its limited usage
Great VA might have to consider


The entire crew at Sun Country is proud to announce @Rowdy_Kepler is now our Recruiter! Congratulations!



WE ARE DESPERATELY LOOKING FOR STAFF MEMBERS!!! Apply today!!! Open staff positions are listed above. Only accepting staff members who meet the requirements, so make sure you do before applying! We are mostly looking for people in the booking department and people who can run our social media! Also, we are looking for pilots, as we currently have 0. Apply today!

CEO & Founder of Sun Country Virtual

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Not trying to be rude, but typing a message like that especially in all bold with screaming exclamation marks probably isn’t the best first impression on potential future staff members for your VA. Best of luck though!


Still looking for staff love to help

Also, forgot feel free to PM me about it love to talk in-depth

Lady’s and Gents,
We are getting application emails faster than we can make some sort of email or way to respond back. That is why we need a Head of Public Relations person. Feel free to apply for that if you meet the requirements. With that being said, we will not be looking or reviewing applications till then. Another thing. Anyone who just wants to help out with making logos and can do them regularly and professionally is welcome to join!Sorry for the rough start, but at SCVA we are always aiming for the best! Please bare with us and any advice from experience or true knowledge is much appreciated via PM (to me of course).

CEO & Founder of Sun Country Virtual

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@Ironman_Ballets sure, why not? :)


So…what happens when the sun sets. lol


Please welcome our newest staff member, @Samuel_Szeto ! He will be in the staff position as HR manager and the booking department.


@QR01 please refrain from posting offensive and negative stuff on our main thread. Thanks!

I think that was just a joke…

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If you take offense to such a simple joke, you are screwed in the real world. How have you survived in a community with Misha’s savagery??


But was it a very good joke??? I’ve come to expect better from the master yash 😂

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Well It was your joke. #stealyourmeal


Not used to his savagery because I think we get along fairly decently ;)

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Ready too apply? We are currently accepting all pilot aplications as long as you meet the age requirement, send your application on the IFC, and are well behaved (which you all are).


Wanna run our social media? Apply via PM on the IFC!