Sun Country Minneapolis to Liberia

Hello everyone! Today I decided to fly the Sun Country 737-800 on one of my favorite routes (in real life and in the game), Minneapolis to Liberia, Costa Rica, and share it with you!

Liberia is a city situated in the Guanacaste Peninsula, in northwest Costa Rica. It’s a gateway to the Pacific Coast, a tourist haven, with lodging ranging from small hostels to massive luxury resorts dotting the coastline and immaculate beaches. Inland, the dense forest and mountains draw many adventurous travelers, some seeking a nice quiet hike, and some coming to use the longest zip line in North America!

Flight Information:
Server: solo
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 Sun Country Airlines livery
Flight Time: 4 hours, 38 minutes
Route: Minneapolis (KMSP) - Liberia (MRLB)
Flight Number: SY759

Passengers will be boarding soon from gate H9. Their cargo and the catering for this flight isn’t far behind! Meanwhile, the captain and first officer are preparing their flight plan.

The plane is taxiing past the FBO and private jet stands, adjacent to Terminal 2.

Takeoff! With flaps at 15 degrees, we’re rocketing out of MSP’s runway 30L, departing to the northwest.

We’re banking south over Minnetonka, a suburb on the outer fringes of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro, built around a lake of the same name.

Leveling off about 22 minutes into the flight at 36,000 feet, just across the Minnesota-Iowa border.

Banking over Missouri, the cabin crew are preparing to begin the first snack run.

As we near the Louisiana coast, the seatbelt sign goes back on because of some turbulence caused by winds. We decent to 35,000 feet, to get out of the worst of it.

After a couple of hours, the Yucatán peninsula coast comes into view. The seatbelt sign was on the entire flight across the Gulf of Mexico, but can be turned off now that the winds have subsided.

As we pass just west of Cancun, the second drink service begins.

We passed over the Yucatán Basin, then overflew Honduras.

Hello, Managua! Managua is the capital of Nicaragua, situated on the banks of Lake Nicaragua.

“Good afternoon from the flight deck, we’ve just received clearance from the tower in Liberia to begin our approach. It’s looking like another, oh, 25 to 30 minutes until we touch down. The latest forecast is showing sunny skies and 83 degrees, so should be a nice walk into the terminal. In the meantime, please stow all larger items in the overhead bins, and smaller carry ons under the seat in front of you. Ensure that your seatbelt is tightly fastened, and that your tray table is stowed. Enjoy the rest of your flight.”

We’re on the base approach to Liberia’s runway 07, which is a bit over 9,000 feet long.

Nice view of Bahia Matapalo as the captain disengages the autopilot.

Touchdown! Welcome to Liberia! Our landing was OK, but to be expected with the winds and turbulence coming off the mountains.

Passengers are preparing to disembark, head through immigrations, and begin their vacation!

I hope you all enjoyed!


Excellent photos and great narration! I wish both airports were 3D!

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@Mort I’m sorry to say that to you but your topic doesn’t respect the Screenshots and Videos guidelines

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Please take care to not include the HUD in your screenshots, and respect the 10 photo limit. Thanks!