Sun Country Livery Refresh

Sun Country Airlines is planning to update its livery. Just like American Airlines did, Sun County is asking its employees to choose the new design from four choices via voting.

So lets find out the communities pick:

Which livery do you think is the best fit for Sun Country’s new livery?


  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

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Lets Look Upon Sun Country’s Livery History:

image image
image image

What are your thoughts on this Livery Change?


I kinda like there livery as it is has a nice kinda feel when looking at it but a refresh with the orange will have everyone looking out the window to see the plane. I voted C because I think a straight poppin orange is the best way to go with a blue tail.

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I think livery A looks real classy. Very nice.

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I voted C I think it looks really good!

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@GolferRyan same. Livery A looks the most stylish and modern


Just made a YouTube vid on this! Nexcisyed that they are refreshing their brand.

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  1. The mainly orange ones look like easyjets carrot livery.
  2. B looks like somone made the tail the wrong colour
  3. A and B look stange having the sharp colour change. It suits some airlines when they do that but not them.
  4. To much orange on all of them
  5. Finally the last one is so much better

I would pick C though if I had too

The combination of orange, blue and white seems to be best on A to me.

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I also like A as I can see that White being used for some fancy special liveries (Like Sunwing has done)



A all the way!

Hope A wins…

Livery A looks better than the others. I agree with @KPIT “A all the way!”

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#TeamD FTW!

I really like the liveries in the first three pictures in the section where You look at the airline’s livery history. I don’t like the last one though.

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whats the difference on the teams because team a,b and c,d are the same livery ?

Incorrect :) Each is different by some details. Compare A and B or C to D tail and You’ll see the difference.

a and b are the same do i have to look really close?

Look at the top left and bottom right corners of both A and B tails, and compare them.

#team C this livery is amazing, but so much different than the current one


Easily the best livery out of all of them, the white looks so good!

I’m excited to see what gets chosen!


As a vintage airliner fan, I’m happy to see the old livery on Boeing 727.
and also the new livery look’s good too :)

I think C or D - Their brand image is much clearer on them. Sun Country doesn’t seem like an airline that’s about sleek white aircraft.