Sun Country Has Decided Their New Livery

I know that I am very late about the new livery selection with Team A, Team B, Team C and Team A, they have reached a conclusion of selecting livery A (Team A) which is the livery below

Image From Sun Country Airlines

I personally think the livery is good but not being fantastic because I think the white is a little bit of an afterthought but that’s just my opinion. I’d like to hear about your opinions on Sun Country’s New livery as I am a Sun Country Fan


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I agree, there are too many colors, just exlude the white

I like it, kinda neat looking!


What did I say?

A All The Way!!

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I still like the livery as a Sun Country enthusiast @KPIT


Wow, they did a nice job with the livery

The back looks a lot like Aeroflot’s livery

Do they do charters or do they do normal routes? Thry have been flying just random flights from pittsburgh every now and again from KPIT recently…

They do charter flights such as to Albany but they mainly do regular routes

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Me personally, I think there is just a bit too much going on. The orange nose and the writing looks nice, the back end looks like someone had 5 mins to finish and rushed a little.

I’ve seen them at St Louis once pretty sure that was a charter.

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I like it but prefer the original livery right now

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It looks quite nice!

I personally love it. It makes me want to fly them. Lol

Really nice! It looks kinda like a cross between Easy Jet and Aeroflot. Does anyone know when the first aircraft will be painted?

I never knew this was a U.S airline until I went to Minneapolis. I like this livery, it looks new.

This livery looks awesome! I would love to see it in IF! :)

I feel like the couloir scheme will be too expensive?

I like it with the white, I think it looks new and refreshed. However this livery is so extra that when it becomes out dated again, it will make the airline look really bad. Like southwest mustard colors.