Sun Country Boeing 737-800 wrong image

Device: iPad Pro 2020
Operating system: Latest iOS

I was scrolling thru aircraft and found out that the Sun Country Boeing 737-800 is shown with shark winglets in the preview picture, but in game it does not have any winglets.
Photo below

what’s the problem exactly?

Its in the title.

Still, that does not help.

Livery problem?

The aircraft looks fine to me.

Look at the winglets in the display picture shown and the one in the picture of it flying. Clearly different.

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Bro, really :/

I think this was known

I believe in the original update when it was released thst was the original livery and in a later update it was updated just not on the home page

Well idk but it’s incorrect thats what matters

I see the issue. The picture on the homescreen show white split schemitars, but in the sim they are blue, regular winglets.

Good catch!

Hopefully a staff will see.

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I have a good eye thank you

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This stems from a problem from release:

In short the aircraft in the game came with split scimitar winglets whereas the aircraft irl had the blended type. This was fixed in an over-the-air update. As such the thumbnail did not change. Needless to say, staff are most probably aware of the issue and a fix will come eventually.