Sun Country Boeing 737-700

Since we don’t have any Sun Country 737s, I thought it would be nice to see this livery on their 737-700.

Bad photo credit to me


Nice livery. Isn’t Sun Country like the RyanAir of the U.S.?

Yes, except Sun Country is actually good.


Oh yes we need Sun Country new livery and old


I need this livery to survive…


Yes please I want it.

When did they get a new livery? I like it.


I really love this and I’ve wanted it for a while

They need to add it to the 737-800 to along with the transavia lease 800 livery

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This is the new livery, looks a bit dated. I thought the current livery we have on the -800 was the new one.

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No im talkomg about their lease 737-800 to sun country not their airline livery

Sun County is amazing, their first class service is awesome and the attendants are very professional and generous with the bar. I get the impression Ryanair is like a prison bus staffed by dejected and disappointed workers.

yeah but sun country has a mix of 700s & 800s.

my favorite color love dark/navy blue this is NEEDED

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Well… The Transavia Livery is cool… I like the Dark Blue Better!

Would love to see this livery in the future!

I would love to see this so it could be added to our VA!

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I would love to fly sun country Airline’s, But they don’t fly where I am
Anyone flown them before, if so how was it?

Ok is a good way to put it, There Interior is super outdated and they have recently become A rebranded airline with There new ceo Who used to work for alleigant. So now they are the New alleigant or spirit.

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Amazing. I flew first class from MSP to RSW this spring and it was like something from a documentary on the golden age of air travel. And they are nothing like Spirit or Allegiant, thankfully.