Sun Country: Bigger Than Ever

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Sun Country, who are they? For many people who aren’t from Minnesota or haven’t seen them, they’re a low cost carrier based in Minnesota. With the pandemic we see everyone downsizing and losing profits, but Sun Country is different.

Sun Country is expanding at a faster rate than ever seen before in its history, and in recent years major changes have occurred for what I’m proud to say, my Hometown Airline. Sun Country Airlines is to emerge bigger than ever even through this pandemic, this month alone they’ve been taking delivery of new(ish) 737 Boeing Cargo Freighters (BCF) operating for Prime Air.

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Want to know a surprising fact about them? They made a profit before taxes in Q3, unheard of especially for a low cost carrier. Sun Country is set to take on more 737s to be bought for cheap since everyone is downsizing, meanwhile the airline is announcing new routes such as routes to St. Thomas, as well as many more leisure destinations.

Sun Country has 3 core parts of their business






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Sun Country is expected to operate 23 Prime Air 737s under a contract with Amazon and is also in talks with DHL to operate some of their 737-800 BCFs. A source inside Sun Country has also said that they might operate Boeing 767s for Amazon Air and other variety of aircraft, changing their fleet with a new addition. Sun Country CEO, Jude Bricker, has also stated about buying planes during the Pandemic if the price is right, expanding during a pandemic. Sun Country is becoming a stronger power house in the aviation industry especially in the Midwest of the United States.

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i have flow with them a couple times about 2 years ago. the carry on prices were quit high.

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To go into the cargo market seems to have been the right decision for them at a arguably more than difficult time to expand. Lots of demand and space for growth in the cargo business and if you have the capacity (or the cash to get that capacity), then that’s a chance they seem to have used perfectly.

Thanks for sharing this surprising and positive story!

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Wish version of Southwest but, Massive respects


I’m telling you, a couple of times we saw Sun Country fly to BWI Airport.

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Yeah, it’s cheaper to book your bags on the website. They have a pretty good chain for a ULCC, inseat power and a full tray table along with complimentary drinks.

The Amazon contract has been crucial to having Sun Country stay afloat and even thriving in some aspects.

A wish version, but a very profitable one.

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Nice, they have service to BWI airport, one of the destinations they’ve opened during the pandemic.

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