Sun Country Arrival at MSP?

We are picking up a family member tomorrow at KMSP who will be flying Sun Country flight 380 from KRSW. What I would like to know from people knowledgeable with spotting in the area is where is the best vantage point to view said incoming flight. Or even better yet, does anyone know of the specific approach or runway that flight is likely to use inbound. I can tell you it will likely, based on past flights and according to MSP arrivals website, park at the Humphrey terminal gate H8. Also, does anyone still call it the Humphrey and Lindbergh terminals or just terminals one and two?


This is definitely a question for @DeltaCRJ-900
He lives near the airport.


Honestly I like sitting in the Mall Of America at the dinner, and seeing them fly really close to you for their take off best view.

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Let’s see here. There is a park on the north side of the airport where you are able to see arrivals landing W to E. E to W is a little more difficult due to the river on that side.

Thanks for the tips so far, I think we will show up early enough to scout around. If I shoot a prize photo I will be sure to post it here.

Go to the official plane spotting area, given that it isn’t landing on the bad runway behind the stupid cargo building (17/35), you’ll get a nice view if it’s landing on 12R. View of 30L isn’t that bad either.


Nice shot, handsome birds I think.

Love those sun countires

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Depends on the runway. The spotting area will be a good spot if they land 30L. @JacobVanZanten you can alway climb on the Sun Country hanger😉


They fly to KJAX? never knew that, and btw have you heard anything about a pending terminal expansion?

Go to the end of cargo road, there is a parking lot and some benches and tables you can sit at and watch planes. There is also a helpful “aircraft board” which tells you the different types of planes that visit the airport.


30L is half blocked by the fact that the plane is hidden by some weird building, and it’s far away, but otherwise it’s actually pretty good for takeoffs.

About the Sun Country hanger…

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So just wanted to thank everyone for their input. I totally blew it and parked on the top of the orange ramp. It was a disaster, the fencing ruined the view of anything close enough to take a decent photo with the lenses I own. No only that but I somehow missed hearing what runway SY380 was assigned and was looking at 30L/R and it seems to have landed on 35. I got a few half-decent photos of the wrong aircraft and while switching lenses I missed a nice shot of a Delta 777 tucking it’s landing gear in just after takeoff on 30L.

If it landed on 35 you couldn’t have seen it unless you do a few illegal things


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