Sun Country Airlines purchased new 5 Boeing 737-900ER 2024-2025

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Originally, when I saw them, they were posting a news page on Facebook last in the morning. I checked out the internet for google information. The plane for Sun Country Airlines is headquartered in Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (KMSP/MSP). Who has to ride in the plane operates on board a ticket to passengers and also receives all Boeing 737 originally from KMSP/MSP destinations to North America, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean during daily, seasonal, and half day weeks for the travel to another country.

Boeing 737-700 (1) fleet and interior count 138 seats.

Boeing 737-800 (41) fleets and interior count 186 seats.

Boeing 737-800BCF (12) fleets (operated by Amazon Air).

Then and will be coming a new Boeing 737-900ER (5) order arrive at KMSP/MSP the service when starting in the year 2024/25 may say they just have more passengers and they are purchased transferring from where Oman Air in Muscat, Oman 🇴🇲. It is so cool! Sun Country Airlines never saw the first new Boeing 737-900ER in history! If you are excited, your new plane for Sun Country Airlines is a Boeing 737-900ER in the future. Have fun on the plane!


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I’m hoping in the future they also order the max.


@Mort 👀 looks like all you!

Wow! I can really see how this could positively impact Sun Country! They’ve wanted to start flights from Minneapolis to Hawaii (either Honolulu or Kahului), and I believe the 737-900ER could enable them to do so.

Additionally, with the added seats, it could relive stress on their -800s. During the winter months, Sun Country operates 5+ flights from MSP-CUN, and with the extra seating, it could potentially allow them to drop a flight and swap another out with the -900.


Yes, they did!

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Seeing this livery around North America on more and more aircraft is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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It’s always my pleasure!

Very nice to see Sun Country expanding their fleet!

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Yes, they did!

Sun Country has a HUGE amount of potential. Once they find the right plane, their business will expand rapidly, I’d presume.

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If Sun Country Airlines wants to buy a new plane a Boeing 737 MAX but they aren’t accepting…

Sun Country has a pretty high density layout. Unless they re-introduce first class, no way a 739 is flying nonstop from MSP to Hawaii. Anyway, max range of a 739ER is 2,950nm and MSP-HNL is 3,972nm.


This. Even the MAX7, which has a range of 3825nm, can’t fly that far. They might just re-introduce one-stop HNL flights via LAX or SFO again. As for the -900s, I can see them flying to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Florida, and down to Mexico/Caribbean

Then how can Alaska Airlines fly from Anchorage to Honolulu? That seems like about the same distance

Alaska is closer to Hawaii than Minnesota is. 5-6Hrs from ANC compared to 8Hrs from MSP

Oh. Could a reduced seat capacity make it from MSP to HNL safely? Like, with ETOPS certification?

No, and I’m not quite sure you understand what ETOPS is - it’s a certification, not an addon that makes the aircraft fly farther. No 737 family has the range that would allow this route to happen - it would have to be operated on a 757 or larger, which would really be pushing it.

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Plus, Delta flies MSP-HNL on the 763, doesnt that say something?


I do, i just thought that with a lighter load with less seating, a modified 737 could get a higher rating vs a “regular” -ER.

If IF adds the -700 livery, you can do this flight since that plane has 13 hours of range for some reason lol

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