Sun Country Airlines Doesn’t Load any Bags onto an MSP-LAS flight

Soo Sun Country basically did not pack any luggage onto a flight from MSP-LAS, I thought this was hilarious but seriously, this is why we can’t have nice things. Any of y’all had your luggage “lost” on this flight going to Flight Sim Con?


I wonder what the load manifest said.


Your welcome @TheDeltaFlyerr 😂. I still don’t get how they didn’t load the bags…

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The key word “forget” is really strong here, you don’t forget to do that…

More to the point, what do they tell you on the ground.

ladies and gentlemen, we have forgotten all of your luggage. Please standby while we attempt to fix this horrendous mistake


Or once you reach baggage claim, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, we ask that you try our airline again to see the efforts that have been made since your last trip!


I honestly just can’t Phaethon how this could happen, one or two bags I can see, but all of them! 🤔

I mean how does one forget to load the luggage isn’t that the main thing the do when the plane is at the gate???
Shame on you sun country

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I can see every passenger going to customer service for Sun Country asking “Where is my luggage, it’s lost!” While their probably like, what is going on here.

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I have once! It was to Hawaii… which as you could image was a disaster… it took them like 5 days to get it to us… 😬

how can you screw up that bad… I mean you have
some ground staff that load the luggage into a cart
then you have a driver that drives that luggage to the aircraft
then you have more ground staff that load the luggage
then you have a ground staff that goes up to the cockpit, and gives the captain the load sheet
then the captain signs off on this load sheet
then you have another ground staff that closes that cargo door.



The takeoff must’ve felt effortless if they included luggage in the takeoff performance calculations, hey? Pretty funny mistake if I say so myself.

We can’t have nice things if our things don’t get loaded on to the plane. Imagine if this happened on a freighter plane. 😅

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They sure are getting good at practicing their new no-frills policy! 👍🏻

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