Sun Country Airlines 737-800 (Deeper Blue Livery)

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Hello IFC, Today I come to make this request about voting for Sun Country. Today I would like to see the Sun Country Airlines added with Prime Air!! Sun Country is running with Amazon Prime. This would a great addition to add on Infinite Flight. I also like Blue, White, and Orange… The livery for this Prime Air is similar to Sun Country. I see Prime Air every now and again at BWI Airport & I like to Get Along well with the Infinite Flight Community and I see Southwest Airlines over at “Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport” and It’s very cool to see Extra Planes added on the Infinite Flight Simulator. I like enjoying the Infinite Flight Community & This Sun Country deeper blue one should be on the 737-800. I enjoy hanging out with My Dad at my House. I like Airplanes that Come in to land and Take Off from the Airport. So what are you waiting for.

You should vote for this Sun Country’s Deeper Blue Livery

You know you can edit your original post, right?

Hey, we’ve got an existing feature request for Amazon Prime’s 737:

Feel free to vote for it there.


Yes, I can edit my original post!!

Duplicate request