Sun Country 737 (old livery)

Since the previous feature request was made by a banned user and a little old…

Sun Country has been operating the 737-700 for quite some time now. The 737-700 has…

2 CFM56-7B22 engines

112 feet and 7 inches of wingspan

A length of 110 feet and 4 inches

A height of 41 feet and 2 inches

Max cruise speed of 530 MPH

Range of 2,600 nautical miles

On Sun Country’s planes, the following is given…

36 inches of first class legroom

12-13 seats in first class

114-117 seats in economy

31-32 inches of legroom in economy

Please vote on this as a Sun Country livery would be a joy to have in Infinite Flight. It is a very pretty livery that I think would bring color and a vibrant look to Infinite Flight.

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Mission completed, Chris ;)

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This is 100% necessary- we need more Minnesotan Liveries like Sun Country and Northwest!

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I like this livery!! A friend of mine loves this livery is @Takeoff_Aviation

The old one and new one are both amazing


Yeah they are we really need them