Sun, Cloud, Sun, Cloud, Ooooh Some Planes! - Bristol Spotting 23/09/21

Spotting @ EGGD 24/09/21, RWY 27

Something something low effort description. It’s been over a month since the last spotting topic, 2 months even. Some slightly varied weather and tricky lighting on this visit, but fully worth it to see home bustling with air traffic today. Plenty of airliners, GA and a lot of helicopters.

Some focusing, some shooting and some swearing and we have 10 passable shots to add to the collection. I like to think they get better each visit…

To start off, we have G-TUMV, a Boeing 737 Max 8 operated by TUI, callsign of TOM4PH headed off to Aéroport international de l’île de Kos, located in Greece. A longer roll, and the first 73M8 I’ve seen since they re-entered service

Second up on the departures for today is G-JZHM, a Jet2 operated Boeing 737-8MG headed off to Skiathos, also in Greece. The only Jet2 Holiday livery aircraft at the airport today

Coming up next we have G-ZVIP, a Beechcraft King Air 200, operated privately by Capital Air Ambulance. A rapid climb out of the airport on a flight to Blackpool. It later flew to Zurich and returned to Bristol in the same evening.

Here we have G-UZHT, an Airbus A320-251 Neo operated by EasyJet inbound from Fuerteventura (Try saying that after a few pints) in Spain. Landing almost 30 minutes early, you can see one of the Jet2 737’s parked at the stands.

Up next is G-EZOX, an Airbus A320-241 operated by Easyjet in the 20 Years livery. Last time I spotted this aircraft, I unceremoniously cut its tail off in the image. Glad I could do it some justice before its long flight to Athens.

Up next, you guessed it, there’s another Easyjet. You’d think they were the main airline here or something… She’s an Airbus A320-251 Neo operated by Easyjet off on a flight to Heraklion, also in Greece. Seemingly a very popular destination today…

The clouds are starting to roll in now. This one, EI-DHN, a Boeing 737-8AS operated by Ryanair, however is flying away to sunny Ibiza. A nice short roll makes for an angle I don’t often see with the 737.

My camera is close to dying, and there will be no location switch today, and that’s because I’m holding out for this gorgeous aircraft, a #reworktheE190, Embraer E190STD in the KLM SkyTeam livery which had arrived at the airport only an hour or so prior. Off to Amsterdam.

A blue mist in a sea of orange. One of only 2 TUI aircraft here today after a number of flights were cancelled, she is G-TAWA, a Boeing 737-8K5 operated by TUI touching down after a flight from Paphos… wait, is everyone in Greece now or something? Also look at that beautiful tower

And to see us out for the evening, my final bursts on what little battery I had left, we have G-EZTD, a fellow friend at this airport, an Easyjet operated Airbus A320-214 heading to Geneva, departing into the rapidly approaching sunset.

No birb today. Sorry.

Gear Used

Canon EOS 550D
Canon 55-250mm IS STM 1:4-5.6
Canon 18-55mm IS II 1:3-5.6 (Kit Lens)
Can of boomer juice
One Road Bicycle
Unprecedented quantities of water
A patch of concrete I like to stand on

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This images are bogos binted, good job Dan


Imagine being cool, Dan. Could not be any of us.


Love these photos! Bristol is my closest airport and used to go spotting all the time there!

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