Sun and moon shots with Citation X

For this night’s nightly VFR flight I choose to go with the Citation X because not many people fly it and I want to take a small break from commercial aircraft and focus on GA aircraft. It’s a good thing I did that because I got some great photos with this tiny aircraft. Again, infinite flight never disappoints.

Aircraft: Cessna Citation X

Route: VFR

Flight time: 3 hours and 6 minutes

Sever: Expert

So yeah these were the best photos I could take. Personally, I think 4th picture is my most favorite. Let me know about these photos


That last shot is breathtaking!

I believe I controlled your departure as well, but all in all, amazing photos!

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Some great shots there. I preferred the final ones, not a fan of the first two with smaller moons

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Thank you. And yes you did control my departure. U did well :)

I’m sorry for the first two, I was on the ground so it was a bit hard to get a zoomed view