Sumon's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Yes, that you for that. I can understand why you sent that report as well. Thanks for stopping by as well!


Please come by and fly some patterns, or whatever you would like!

Airport: EGKK
Server: Training
Runways: 26L and 26R
Time: 2220 Zulu

I’ll post when I close. I’ll be open for a while!

Now closed at EGKK.

Hi, just flew at your airport (the Cessna Citation X),

Just have some feedback.

Pattern instruction + clearing
You did the pattern instructions well, however, always clear me (directly), when I have read back the pattern instruction. Because if you have cleared me then you can focus on other things (just like the Air France behind me).

When I asked for runway change, you directly patterned me, however you did not clear me (for the option) at all. But you cleared Air France and sequenced him behind me, but you did not clear me at all :-p… I had to report twice my position (on final probably 2 to 3NM from the airport) and then you cleared me for inbound and not for the option.

You did the sequencing good! After you gave me a pattern you seqenced the Air France behind me!

So if you pattern someone, directly clear them for the option/inbound, so you can focus on other things.

I understand that some pilots on TS are just not listening etc, but at somepoint you just need to ignore them. That’s why they always advice you not to take an airport near a big hub, cause of these kinds of pilots…

Understood. Thank you so much for flying, and thank you for the feedback. I’ll be sure to work on clearing after hearing the pattern instruction read back.

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