Sumon's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi all! Welcome to my ATC tracking thread. I am working really hard to become an IFATC, and am trying to get some good practice in.

Whenever I open at an airport, I’ll post it below on this thread.

Please stop by if you can and leave any comments! If you want to, you can turn your status to watching so you get notified when I post.



Currently closed!.


I suggest you have a look at this, so change your title to closed

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Now active at KLGA.

Airport: KLGA (La Guardia)
Server: Training
Duration: a while, i’ll post when i’m done
Opened at: 21:00 ZULU

Please come by and fly some patterns!


Thanks! Will take a look at it.

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I can’t come as it’s getting quite late where I am

To add info from @TimShan05, please also add the time that you started (being active) at the airport. Please use the Zulu (UTC) time, which you can find right above on the screen… For example, its’s now (almost) 2100z

Since the pilots are from everywhere and you need to take time-zones into account ;-)!


Sure thing, adding now. Thanks for the help.

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Wait for me. My name is ASVA-Carlo

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I’m going to make a short flight to help you

Sure, whatever you would like :)

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lol I read this as Snoman’s ATC tracking thread at first and I was really confused.

Anyways I might stop by in a few minutes!

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Now closed at KLGA. Thank you to all that came to fly!

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Airport: KADW
Server: Training
Time Active: 0130Z

Please come by and fly some patterns!

Now closed at KAWD.


Please come by and fly some patterns, or whatever you would like!

Airport: KBDL (Bradley Intl)
Server: Training
Runways: 33 and 6 (runway 1 inactive)
Time: 2030 Zulu

I’ll post when I close. I’ll be open for a while!

Forgot to mention: pattern work and straight out departures are both welcome.


Hey :) you’re doing an amazing job :) . I was BA787 and you called out the right commands :)

Thank you! Much appreciated. 😀

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Now closed at KBDL. Great session, thank you to all who came by.

Good work on tower, only a slight criticism from me.

I called left base on Runway 33 behind the Southwest 737 in order to notify him that I was turning behind after extending downwind for sequencing. I wouldn’t regard that as an unnecessary report, but I understand why you chose to send that transmission.