Summertime Spotting | @KDEN | 7/9/20 pt.2

Good job as always. I’ll have to go over to the east side one of these days to do some spotting. I must say, from what I’ve seen on FR24, we seem to get a lot of the evoBlue livery A319s (and UA A319s in general) at DEN.

Yeah we get a lot of a320,a319 and 737’s here

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Beautiful as always

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I really want to make Tyler mad so I’m going to put this here: 😂

I am honestly just waiting to see the delta A220

But it is a TON of the A320’s and B737’s because of Frontier, United, and Southwest

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We get the A220 3-4 times daily actually. And hopefully sooner than later we’ll get Air Canada A220 like we were supposed to this summer before COVID hit

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More incredibly shots. Nice work!

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Delta from SEA and SLC right?

I believe so, all I know of is the SEA one

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Yeah we get SLC and SEA. Hopefully Montreal soon from Air Canada like we were supposed to before COVID hit

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Nice photos, and cool to see a bird coming from Austin! Fun fact: Denver is Austin’s busiest route in terms of number of flights! (In terms of passengers it’s ATL)


Interesting. I can see why. I’ve flown in and out of Austin probably Atleast 8 times from DEN

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Nice pics, must have had some long takeoffs, because that airport is hot and high.

Oh yeah. They were rotating with around 1000ft or less of runway I think. Which was interesting to watch

Oh my goodness… they are amazing!!!

The departures look so nice. Amazing photos

Nice ones. Thanks for sharing!

Tiny aircraft. They’re so cute!

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