Summertime Spotting | @KDEN | 7/9/20 pt.2

Hello everyone,
Welcome back to the 2nd part of my spotting topic. You can find part 1 by clicking on this
With part 2 I decided to mix in more takeoff shots with the landing shots. So here is part 2. Enjoy 😊

Am American 737-800 on short final at DEN arriving from ORD

United A319 painted in the evo blue livery blasting out of DEN

Another United A319 in the evo blue livery on short final for 35R

SkyWest CRJ100ER on short final from Scottsbluff

Southwest 737-700 on short final for 35R @Luke_Sta πŸ‘€

United A320 sporting the new Evo Blue livery climbing out of DEN heading out west

United E175 climbing out of DEN heading out to the west coast

Frontier A320NEO arriving from Austin Texas

United Express CRJ 700 climbing out of DEN heading to FAT (Fresno)

Southwest 737-800 climbing out of DEN heading to San Francisco

hanks for stopping by! Hope y’all enjoyed.
Equipment: Canon EOS t4i with a Sigma 100-400mm lens



Edited with Lightroom Classic

Thanks again for stopping by!!


Awesome, these shots never disappoint. πŸ‘

Amazing photos!

my boi with the CB tho

get that clout tyler

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Toplight is a great thing. And by that I mean it sucks. I am sorry for you.

The shots are good. Quite nice, great quality. But summer light is not very nice until the evenings. But again, the shots are great.

Awesome content as always, Moritz!


ouiouiouiouiouiouiouioui monsiuer

great pictures Tyler!

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Awesome photos!

Yes. Moritz did a good job. Top light is better than back lit 😀😀

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That new United livery is climbing in my ranks, it’s beautiful (after I saw it in person on Tuesday).

Great pics as always, @den.aviation.

Anything is better than backlit soooo

Jetphotos loves back lit

These are amazing! All the airlines from the US have the best liveries, in my opinion.

This was a rollercoaster to read


AHHHH MY HOMETOWN BABY. I honestly look forward to these every day/week/month/year/decade etc… you get the point. I gotta try spotting there

I love the second photo, I thought it was my favorite for sure but then the amazing photos kept coming and I can’t chose a favorite, Great shots!!

Wow! These are amazing photos!

Man, I love the shots! Thanks for sharing!

Awesome photos!

The colours are just amazing, especially for the new United livery. Great shots all around, very nice captures and great perspectives too. Thanks for sharing!

@den.aviation is back with some more wallpaper-quality photos (if my wallpaper was a plane, I’d use one of your plane photos, lol)! They’re awesome, love the United A319’s!

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