Summertime Spotting | @KDEN | 7/9/20 Pt. 1

Absolutely stunning pictures!! The blue sky and great light are really cool, and you capture the airplanes exceptionally well. Really nice pictures and great colours. Thanks for sharing!

Amazing photos. Some rare planes to

Thank you! DEN usually has good lighting for most spots which is nice bonus.

Thank you!!


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AWESOME photos my boi Tyler! I wish I could’ve stopped by yesterday! 😔

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We would’ve seen each other if PHX didn’t get cancelled 🥺

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Awesome photos ya got there

Great Shots…thanks for sharing

Wow you’re the first person to catch one of these! That’s incredible! Quite unsure what is special about this one-off model though - it looks just like a normal NG. Is it a MAX? I know Ryanair has the -8200 so maybe it’s something like that. Still looks normal though. Weird.

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Tbh I’m suprised no one noticed earlier

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Thank you!


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