Summertime Spotting | @KDEN | 7/9/20 Pt. 1

Hello everyone,
Today I was supposed to head down to PHX for baseball but that got cancelled so I decided to go spotting at DEN. Today was a nice and warm 95 degrees. One of the reasons I went today was not only to spot but to get Her Art California 757. So I went out to DEN today and got a little over 900 pictures today. There was quite a decent amount of traffic there today. So here are the pictures.
Enjoy :)

United 757-200 in the Her Art California Livery arriving from Newark

United A320 EVO Blue livery arriving from Kansas City

American A321 arriving from CLT with some nice clouds in the back

United 777-200 arriving from Chicago O’Hare

JetBlue A321 arriving from JFK with a solid 30 minute delay

United 757-300 arriving from Houston

Southwest 737-700 with split scimitars arriving from Buffalo

United 737-800 climbing out of DEN heading to Las Vegas

United E175 climbing off of 25 heading to Sacramento

Thanks for stopping by! Hope y’all enjoyed.
Equipment: Canon EOS t4i with a Sigma 100-400mm lens



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Thanks again for stopping by!!


Lovely photos mate! My favourite has got to be the United Airlines 777.

I see a plane arriving from Buffalo. I like the post.

Awesome photos!

Amazing photos! I can’t choose a favorite I love all of them!!


i just love it when people go spotting at Denver!!

Also @den.aviation i still was un able to find where you go to spot these =(


Where were you standing to get these photos?

Such an amazing photo!
Shame about your baseball game hope this was a good compromise😉

Incredible photos!

If I’m not mistaken, @Dylan_M (you should charge your phone soon, Dylan) spotted the “Her Art Here - California” livery on FlightRadar after its departure. What a coincidence, haha :)

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hmmm. PM me again and I’ll try and tell you. Its kinda of trial and error for the spots on the streets

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Amazing photos! I really love the American A321 with those clouds.

Thank you! Thats one of my favorites from today!

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Nice shots! The Her Art Here liveries are definitely the best

Well aren’t u lucky to see Her Art. I never see any special AA liveries apart from heritage… Denver always has great lighting and weather to spot

I swear her art tries to avoid me. But I’m glad I finally got it. The good thing about Denver is the light is good almost everywhere. But I hate how spread apart everything is.

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I see planes. I like.
I see Canyon blue. I like a lot more
I see Denver. I love because it’s Denver

Nice shots as always, Tyler! Hope you enjoyed the trip out to the best airport in the world :)


Really fantastic shots! 😍

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Thank you @Sashaz55 and @Luke_Sta

Nice shots fellow Coloradan. Maybe one day well get a 757 painted in a Denver style livery the way NYC and LA have been.

Also, that sucks your baseball tournament was canceled. It just hasn’t been the year for baseball so far.

Thank you! But I guess it’s also a blessing that my tournament got cancelled. My club only pays for 2 travel tournaments but we already went to Dallas 4 weeks ago and then we go to OKC next week and Lubbock the week after so I guess that’s a steal. Getting 3 travel tournaments payed by them instead of 2

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I was at 56th for most of these shots. The last two I was at Final Approach Which is a good court near the entrance of DEN. PM me if you want more info

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