Summertime Adventures with DLVA | WAAA-WABB

Hello IFC! Today DLVA had an event where we flew from Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport to Frans Kaisiepo International Airport in Indonesia as part of our “Summertime Saga”. Our group included 15+ pilots as we cruised across the ocean marveling at the scenery and islands below. Our events are always on the expert server as we try to maintain professionalism, but sometimes we have to adapt, for example with limited parking at WABB we had to do “Tetris Parking” which is our procedure to utilize the available space on the apron to fit as many aircraft as possible. In all, it was another great event!

Departure with other pilots still pushing back.

Cruising over the ocean with the scenery below.

The Indonesian islands are visible below during cruise.

Turning to intercept the localizer for the ILS.

Touching down as the first one on the ground!

A DLVA pilot taxis to parking while another approaches on short final.


Beautiful pic

Love these screenshots! Did you manage to do the tear-drop approach?

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