Summer Trip to the Philippines Part 2 - Outbound

This is the second part of my trip and this was from Manila to Davao City on Cebu Pacific. Not only that, but the final flight from Tokyo to Manila on JAL Flight 745 which was delayed for 3 hours. I expected to board at gate 67A, but was switched to Gate 74 for our flight to Manila. Here are the shots:

Final Flight: Japan Airlines Flight 745 - 🇯🇵 Tokyo to Manila 🇵🇭
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9
Origin: Tokyo Narita Int’l Airport (RJAA)
Destination: Ninoy Aquino Int’l Airport (RPLL)
Flight Time: 4hrs 40mins
Server: Expert

At Terminal 2 Gate 74, ready to board, with our Filipino 🇵🇭 Passports handy, our flight down to Manila, delayed 3 hours.

We departed and took off RWY 34L from Tokyo Narita. We were airborne

Reached our cruising altitude @ FL380, flying over Philippine Sea. Had our dinner service and now on our way to Manila.

Four hours later, we were on short final RWY 6, getting ready to land in Manila Airport

And we have arrived to Manila, to Terminal 1 Gate 14 late. I am tired and it was time for me to head to the Hotel and spend a day and night for our flight to Davao City the next morning.

Day 2: Cebu Pacific Flight 951: Manila to Davao City 🇵🇭
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Origin: Ninoy Aquino Int’l Airport (RPLL)
Destination: Francisco Bangoy Int’l Airport (RPMD)
Flight Time: 1hr 35mins
Server: Expert

At Terminal 3 Gate 115, ready to board flight 951 down to Davao City for a two day vacation. WHO HOO!

RWY 6 Blast Off from Manila off to Davao City

Cruised at FL350, as we flew over Masbate Island on our left, across Visayan Sea. Flight attendants came along the cabin with meals onboard

Began our descent and on short final RWY 5 for Davao City, ready to touchdown.

And we arrived to Gate 5 at Davao City and that was our trip to the Philippines.

Thank you for flying with me on Outbound. Let’s go and spend our two day vacation before we leave back to St. Louis. I hope you love my shots


Awesome Shots!


Great shots. Love the you involved the Philippines!

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Thank you so much @Marquatzi. And I am about to fly back to St. Louis in Infinite Flight tomorrow

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Nice shots Udeme!

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Thank you @PilotChrisSG

Hmmmm Might do that Cebu flight

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@CaptainAli_yt, go ahead and do one. Where will you go?

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Not sure yet but probs the flight you did

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Or I could search one up

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Nice shot bro!

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