Summer Trip to Florida Part 3 - Return: Palm Beach to St. Louis

Here go my shots on my plane trip back to St. Louis as we stopped at Detroit from Palm Beach, for a 14hr layover which was to spend a night at the hotel and come back to the airport for our final flight home.

First Flight: Delta Airlines Flight 1092 - Palm Beach to Detroit 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Origin: West Palm Beach Int’l Airport (KPBI)
Destination: Detroit Metro Wayne Co. Int’l Airport (KDTW)
Flight Time: 2hrs 55mins
Server: Expert

At Gate C5, ready to board our ride to Detroit

Blasted off RWY 10L from Palm Beach 🏝😎🇺🇸 and off we go headed to Detroit. Goodbye Florida 🍊🌴😎🇺🇸

Cruised at FL340, flying over Savannah Georgia 🇺🇸. DAL Flight Attendants served us a bag of Cheez-Its and Biscoff Cookies with a Bottle of Water onboard. Then I chewed bubble gum, had a quick nap, listening to my favorite music before we began our descent.

On short final RWY 4R for touchdown at Detroit.

And we have arrived to the McNamara Terminal Gate A64 at Detroit Metro Airport. Welcome to Detroit. After that, that’s when we spent a night at the hotel before we proceed to our final flight.

Final Flight: Delta Airlines Flight 4965 (Operated by Endeavor DBA as Delta Connection) - Detroit to St. Louis 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ-900
Origin: Detroit Metro Wayne Co. Int’l Airport (KDTW)
Destination: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Flight Time: 1hr 35mins
Server: Expert

After our night at the hotel, we have arrived to the airport and arrived to Gate C19 for our final ride back to St. Louis. It’s time to start boarding our flight home.

Blasted off RWY 3L from Detroit Airport. Off we go, headed to St. Louis. Goodbye Detroit

Reached our cruising altitude FL360, as we flew over the border between Ohio and Indiana

Descended and on short final RWY 11 for touchdown in St. Louis as we set our watches backwards 1 hour for Central Time Zone.

And we are finally home as we arrived to Terminal 1 Gate A8. It’s time to deplane the aircraft and start heading to baggage claim and exit the airport to head home.

And there we have it. We have completed our Summer Trip to Florida and that concludes our trip. Had an amazing time in Orlando and Palm Beach and I would love to go there again next time. Thank you for traveling and enjoying my shots. I hope you guys see more of my future posts of my trip around the world. Anyways, have a nice day and stay safe IFC.