Summer Trip Around the World - Miami to Malé Pt.1

Here go my shots from my trip from Miami to Male, Part 1 as I made two stops. The first stop I did was my flight from Miami to New York JFK on JetBlue Airways Flight 2492. We expected to depart at 9:00 PM but was delayed almost three hours. For that reason, I wounded up in JFK at almost 2:00 AM which was insane due to Hurricane Elsa entering New York which I hope it did not enter on Thursday night because if it would’ve did, then the flight would’ve been canceled. Overall, I arrived at JFK in time for us to spend the night at the nearest Hotel before we continued to our next flight. The next stop we did was my flight from New York JFK to Dubai on Emirates Flight 204. We departed Dubai at 11:30 AM instead of 11:20 AM due to Hurricane Elsa I think. Compared to the real flight, it left one hour late, which the kids on that plane were to be crying, wanting to go to Dubai so bad LOL. Anyways, it was a great long-haul flight, arrived in Dubai safely and arrived at Terminal 3 and that will be for Part 1.

First Flight: JetBlue Airways Flight 2492 - Miami to New York 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Origin: Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Destination: John F. Kennedy Int’l Airport (KJFK)
Flight Time: 2hrs 55mins
Server: Expert

Here go our ride at Terminal C Gate E20 as it was delayed for over two hours, like I said earlier, heading to JFK as our first stop.

We pushed back, taxied to RWY 8R, and off we go we took off from Miami heading to New York JFK. Goodbye 305 🐬🌴😎🏝 🇺🇸 MIAMI

Reached our cruising altitude FL350 as we flew over the Atlantic Ocean, entering the border of North Carolina, heading to New York JFK as the flight attendants came along the cabin to serve us snacks and a bottle of water plus a choice of beverage to drink onboard. After that, I chewed by bubble gum and slept a little bit until we began our descent onto JFK.

And here we go as were on the Canarsie approach final RWY 13L for touchdown at JFK airport

And there we go. We arrived to John F. Kennedy Int’l Airport late to Terminal 5 Gate 26 instead of Gate 25, like I said earlier about arriving at the wrong gate. And that completes our first stop as we transfer to Terminal 4 after our night at the hotel for our next stop to Dubai. See you later! Goodnight and Hello 🗽🇺🇸 NEW YORK!

Second Flight: Emirates Flight 204 - 🇺🇸New York to Dubai 🇦🇪
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Origin: John F. Kennedy Int’l Airport (KJFK)
Destination: Dubai International Airport (OMDB)
Flight Time: 12hrs 30mins
Server: Expert

Off we go to Terminal 4 Gate 33, our second ride aboard on Emirates, which took us on a long-haul flight to Dubai. It was where we felt comfy as we had the blankets, a pillow, and a pair of eyemasks for us to sleep throughout the long haul

After a short delay at the gate, we were finally off to Dubai as we took off RWY 31L from JFK and had to bank to our left shortly after takeoff. Goodbye 🗽🇺🇸 NEW YORK!

Five Hours after we have reached our cruising altitude FL390, we have crossed the Atlantic Ocean, as we flew through Ireland, the English Channel, and headed through Western Europe as the flight attendants came along the cabin to serve us a hot towel for us to wipe our hands before lunch. Later on, the flight attendants served us snacks, then dinner as it got dark before we slept until early in the morning as we were near Dubai that we were served breakfast two hours before we landed in Dubai

After twelve hours in the sky, we were on final RWY 12R for arrival to Dubai UAE

And that’s it! We have arrived to Dubai International Airport at Terminal 3 Gate B21R as we say hello to 🇦🇪 DUBAI!!! What a great flight we had as it was a long haul all the way from the 🇺🇸 USA to 🇦🇪 UAE.

And that completes our first part of my trip to Mali as I will post for Part 2, heading to our final destination as part of the Dubai Virtual event which I signed up for Wave 1 @ 4:00 AM ET from Dubai to Male. As always, I hope you enjoyed viewing my shots and you loved it. If so, hit that heart button and have a good night Infinite Community.


Lol You don’t gotta tell me about that it was crazy anyways Great photos!


You guys got it good. Here it was TERRIBLE

Nice phots!

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Yeah but I wanted to describe it as I were to travel IRL but traveling virtually. If I didn’t have to describe about the weather then I wouldn’t have described about the reason why the flight as delayed. But Hurricane Elsa had occurred and it caused the flight to be delayed due to the bad weather which was Hurricane Elsa. And if it would’ve hit New York, then the flight would’ve been canceled and I wouldn’t have flown to JFK in time for the event for Dubai Virtual which was a flight on Emirates B777W from Dubai to Malé. But I wanted to describe it as I was posting my shots on S&V topic. This is just to tell you that for the truth

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I totally understand man about weather and delays lol once my mom flight got delayed till the next day due to the amount of snow in Indianapolis so I understand and also events are important so at least you made it and provided us with more :)

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Yeah you see @CaptainAli_yt. That’s why I wanted to describe it. Again, it was a game but the IRL left almost 12:00 AM on JetBlue Flight 2492 MIA-JFK and it arrived after 2:00 AM which was totally insane

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Oh wow that is crazy

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